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About Us

Hello, thanks for stopping by!


I'm Deb Hopson, and I've been making cards and scrapbooks for over 10 years now.  A friend introduced me to scrapbooking a few years after my daughter was born, and I discovered a life-long hobby. It was the right thing at the right time for me.  


I enjoy selling my cards and scrapbooks because in some small way I get to connect with the people who buy them.  I once made a card for my best friend, and I liked it so much I made a few more to sell online.  In a review of the card, someone said she felt the card had captured the friendship she had with her own best friend, and her friend had just loved receiving it.  It made me very happy to help someone find a way to speak their heart to someone they love, and I knew I had picked the right name for my business.


And now it's a family business.  My 15-year-old daughter, Emma, has been instrumental in helping me put together this new website, and will continue to help me add content, as well as function as my social media director.  It makes me smile to just type that sentence!  Working together on this website has brought us closer together and I know it will continue to do so.  It took this project to make me realize how much my girl has grown up.  If I never sell a thing, getting to work with Emma on this made it all worth it.



Please feel free to take a look around.  If you're interested in how I make the items I sell, check out my blog for info on techniques and where to get the supplies I use.  I hope to add some video instruction in the near future as well.


If you're interested in buying my products, go to my online store and see what's there.  



Thanks so much for coming to our site! 

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